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Very fast and inexpensive transfers. Strongly recommend! Samanta Dental technician
TransferGo works as easy as ”one, two, three”. Its fast, easy to use and cheap. In other words it works just as innovative companies should work nowadays. Austin Entrepreneur, Equipment rental for events
I'm very happy with the service you've provided, very fast and efficient. Easy to use, great rates, very quick delivery and perfect communication. I will definitely use your service again and will recommend it to others. Indraja Tourism management executive
This company is a big discovery for me. It is innovative, reliable, fast and, most importantly, cheap. The website is very informative and easy to understand. The communication from TransferGo is friendly and kind. Thank you TransferGo. Vilija Grandmother
I am very happy with your service. I am recommending you to all my friends. Fast, reliable and not expensive. Andrius IT consultant - manager
I receive responses to my questions in a couple of minutes and the transfers are done in a couple of hours. Everything is fast, smooth and cheap with good currency conversion rates. I recommend this to everyone! Tadas Information technologies
One of the most beautiful and easy to use money transfer services in the industry. Great communication. I will definitely use your service again and will recommend it to others. Artūras Graphic designer
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Send money from the UK “TransferGo is offering users the ability to transfer money internationally at a fee of a mere 2.5 British pounds and convert currency a 1.5% fee”
Send money online “To date TransferGo has seen £3 million transferred via its service, with £1.5 million transferring in September alone and has over 10'000 users.”
International money transfers “TransferGo implemented a referral scheme, so if you invite a friend to use TransferGo, you receive 1% of all the transfers your referrals make within the first six months”
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